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Ryan Carter Simsich
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Ryan has always been creative. Even as a child he would collect baseball cards, not for the players, but to study the team logos. His traditional artistic abilities were questioned by various teachers growing up, but later in life would prove invaluable to commercially market his clients with a unique style and a passionate flare. His intense drive and entrepreneurial spirit led him to create STICKYGIANT, a full service design agency, where for the past ten years he has been the Art Director working with clients like AquaBall, Evolve Lifewear, Micky’s, Antthony Originals Designs and Unleashed Now, among others. His design experience and background includes brand identity, packaging, key art, logo design, and promotional marketing. He is a graduate of the Art Institute in Santa Monica, California with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and continues his education to stay abreast of new technology and trends in society.

Ryan Simsich

A graphic artist in Portland, Oregon.


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